Oreworld trade (Tangshan) co., Ltd


We are a China based supplier who is dealing with products and services mainly in the business of auxiliary materials for the steel making industry. 

We have the largest Origin of the good quality Bauxite. This location support us with superiority of raw Materials and lower cost of the products. There are 300 workers in our factory, including 5 professional engineers, 9 technicians. Equipped with a high standard of modern product testing and R & D center processing laboratory, excellent production equipment, advanced quality testing instruments, we have been introducing advanced technology and equipment during years and organizing its production operation according to international standards.

The Main products we are produced is calcium aluminate. We handle all grades of calcium aluminate. Usually we divide them into 2 types, sintered type and premelting type. Sintered type is calcined in rotary kiln, tunnel kiln and other kilns with fuels of gas and coal. Fused type is from electric arc furnace (EAF) only. Our annually output is 100000 tons and our products are exported to the steel mills in Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Turkey and Etc.
We are also dealing with other auxiliary materials for the steel making industry, for example the ladle and tundish cover flux and mould continuous casting protective slag. We invite you to explore the web and discover the products category and business opportunity.


   We are glad to establish faithful business relationships with customers from all over the world.