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Fused Calcium Aluminate Slag

Product Details:

Description of Fused Calcium Aluminate Slag
At present, most steel plants in the world generally adopt Ladle refining, to reduce gas inclusion and make molten steel evenly, in order to realize high yield, high quality and low cost steel making. So Fused Calcium Aluminate Slags are designed and manufactured to meet the above requirement and take a very important role in steel refining.

Properties of the Fused Calcium Aluminate Slag

Low molten point, fast molten, shorten refining time and energy consuming.

Good fluidity, desulphurization and inclusion reducing

No flame, little dust emission and good safety in use

No water absorption and no metamorphosing

Effectual submerged arc, and reduce electric arc to burn and erode ladle lining, and enhance ladle life.

Specification of the Fused Calcium Aluminate Slag

Items and grade





49 – 54%

53 - 56%

39 - 43%


41 – 45%

32 - 37%

32 - 36%


4.0% MAX


5.5% MAX


1.8% MAX

1.5% MAX

3% MAX


2.0% MAX

3% MAX

11 - 15%



3% MAX

4% MAX

Other specifications for the fused calcium aluminate slag can be produced according to customers’ requirement.

Using Method of the Fused Calcium Aluminate Slag

Put Fused Calcium Aluminate Slag into the furnace.

Dosage: one ton molten steel needs the Fused Calcium Aluminate Slag around 2-10 kg, and density of molten steel is greater than the Fused Calcium Aluminate Slag. Then, argon gas is pumped in from the bottom of the furnace. It drives the calcium aluminate to mix with the molten steel completely. Meanwhile, the molten Calcium aluminate slag adsorbs sulphur substance. Finally, dregs will suspend on the surface of molten steel due to its low density and can also keep warmness.

Application of the Fused Calcium Aluminate Slag



Impurities absorption

Ladle lining protection

Packing of the Fused Calcium Aluminate Slag

1000KG per big bag